Friday, 14 June 2019

... bring may flowers

What a month! 

I'm super behind in my update but life has been kinda crazy lately. 
in both good and not-so-good ways 

*drum roll* 

I cannot believe i broke my record last month. My highest book total has been 20 in the past couple of years that I've been tracking... This month I did 27.5! 
amaze-balls ! 

Sailor Moon V3 
Sailor moon short stories V1 
Sailor Moon short Stories V2
Sailor Moon 5 
Josh and Hazels guide to not dating 
surprise me 
the healer 
six of crows 
the body 
ruin and rising 
the devouring gray 
the mister 
gamer's guide to getting the girl (netgalley) 
morning star 
crooked kingdom
iron gold (half of it... DNF!) 
king of fools 
gilded wolves 
sailor moon V4 
my favourite half night stand
honor among thieves 
astonishing colour of after 

which has me at 74 / 150 for the year. 
 im so happy 

Another big pile on the schedule for June. 
Will I get to all of them? who knows... work is busier than I thought it would be 
not that that's a bad thing 
also, crocheting projects have distracted me ! 

daughter of the siren queen 
sawkill girls 
keeper of lost cities (1) 
the invisible library 
this savage song / our dark duet 
save the date 
the blood spell 
they both die at the end 
opposite of always 
crown of feathers 
wicked saints 
the bird and the blade
heart of thorns 

plus a few arcs i signed up for. and whatever ebooks i find on my kindle 

fingers crossed ! 

life has been kinda crazy lately. Work has been hit and miss since it's now summer time, and every year it slows right down in May. 
I was busier than I expected though, so yay. 
I've decided to look for other stuff to get me through til the fall, so we will see how that turns out... I applied for my local library and *squeel* i want it. but 
i doubt it's going to happen. *shrugs* oh well... 

doggy has been great. manfriend has been great. that part of my life is doing pretty sweet. 

i've been crocheting a lot more too. started up a different 'gram just for my projects. I'd love to start selling stuff - maybe a craft show or something. why i shrunk my goal from 200 books to 150 is so i can yarn more. and maybe in a year or so look into my local fairs for opportunities. 
I still have a lot of learning to do but i love it. 
worst case, i keep them for future babies and friends with babies. 
which is also fine. 

the weather has been so wet lately that it's not fun. 
also, granite gets super anxious when it rains. poor rescue pup. 
I wish i could read minds and he could tell me about his awful past owners so i know how to help him more. I do what I can, but still... 

Hopefully June balances out more. the agenda is getting more full but not enough for 3 months 
it usually works out so i'm not sweating the small things these days. 

Back to reading ! 
- A 

Thursday, 2 May 2019

April book showers

What a great month. 
life is just pretty great lately ... 

plus a massive book pile that I can check off the tbr is a bonus 

oy with the poodles, this month had a lot of reading! 
19 total. 
and they were mostly awesome. 

- what if it's us 
- ace of shades 
- love, hate and other filters 
- carry on 
- library of fates 
- price guide to the occult 
- naked '76 
- grim lovelies 
- tempt the boss 
- daughter of the burning city 
- muse of nightmares 
- bitterblue / fire (rereads) 
 - seige and storm 
- conjuring of light 
- sailor moon: pretty guardians 1 - 2 
- red rising / golden son

which is fantastic ! and puts me at 50/150 for the year. 
i am so behind on reviews though, eek. 

like usual, the library books have taken over! 
not that i'm complaining because theyre awesome 
but my personal library is still in need of attention lol 

what i wana read: 

- king of fools 
- morning star / iron gold 
- six of crows / crooked kingdom 
- surprise me 
- the healer 
- josh and hazel's guide to not dating 
 - sailor moon: pretty guardians 3-4 
- the body 
- sadie 
 - the devouring grey 
- Tyrant 
- xmen graphic novel (days of future past) 
- avatar graphic novels (post-tv series) 

plus whatever else comes in! 

i also got a decent bookhaul this month and i may 
need to look into those piles too *looks at ceiling* 

like i said, life has been pretty fancy lately. work has slowed right down which blows but i'm working on finding something for the summer. 
and my weekends are manfriend filled *squee* hes kinda my favourite thing right now. plus i get so much reading done since he plays his game/watches wrestling and we just cuddle up. 

going home quite a bit this month to see my parents for my/my brothers bday, and mothers day. should be fun. mommy brought me a stand mixer and i can get back to my baking! so excite. 

i also picked up pokemon and sailor moon dvds from the library because a) i'm 5 apparently and 2) i love them. plus i've never watched pokemon in order so its nice background noise. 

puppy has been sick with the crazy rain weather we've been having so i try to spend time with him so he feels loved (and doesn't have to hold it too long) poor guy. at least if something comes up i know i can trust manfriend with him. hoping to live together by the Fall but we shall see how all that goes. it's on the to-do list this month to start the research 

thats about it these days ; ive got my stride back with reading and hopefully this month is just as fab as april was. 

- A 

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

springtime updates

So, apparently i didn't update anything for February. 
i barely remember that month. 
and march was gone in just as quick. 

what is going on lately? 
anyone else feeling like its another whirlwind year... 

well, let's see. February involved 

- harry potter  2 - 5 
- the silhouette girl 
- pendragon 8 & 9 
- the wrong girl 
- you may now kill the bride 

which wasn't too bad at 9 

and March was ridiculously slow with only 7 books 

- Graceling 
- a gathering of shadows 
- pendragon 10
- harry potter and the half blood prince
- harry potter and the deathly hallows 
- shadow and bone 
- inconvenient marriage (kindle) 

which puts me at 27/150 so far. 

april i am hoping to pack it with all the books! 

- what if it's us 
- naked '76 
- price guide to the occult 
- love, hate and other filters 
- fire / bitterblue 
- conjuring of light 

plus whatever other library books come in 
and a few kindle books that have my attention 

i need to put my crochet hook down and focus on the reads. 
plus get back into my reviewing. oy vey i'm so behind *hides* 

Feb and March were fun, but went by quick. My weekends are still full of manfriend time since that's our only time together. though we are making plans for the next few months to get more serious. *happy squeel* 

i took my niece for her birthday tea party. and my nephew's birthday craft activity. Man, i love being an aunt. can't wait til they are older and i can introduce them to all the nerdy things ; neither parent is nerdy so it's my job to make sure they grow up cool *winks* 

i had a friend come up for a weekend of random serial killer docs and so much gossip. it was nice to hang out with a friend who i've known for a while and didn't have to explain my background life story too haha 

March i celebrated the one year adoption of my puppy. Honestly, this doggy has my heart and adopting him was one of the smartest moves i've made. tho manfriend has taken 25% ownership since the dog loves him when hes here (well, usually. if he hugs me the pup freaks out haha protective much?) 

april is bittersweet for me. work slows down halfway through and i start my "summer" so i'm going to be looking for a part-time job to offset the less hours. but at the same time, i got more free time to hang with the puppers and get my reading in. also get to go home a few times in the next few weeks for easter and then my birthday *grin* 

hopefully i stay on top of everything this month. its also tax time and thats so depressing haha i miss being a student and getting a return. being self employed is not all its cracked up to be :p 

- A 

* Mr granite and all his toys 

Monday, 11 February 2019

the whirl of january

january was so long. 
and yet nothing happened. 
weird how that works.

decent start off to the year 

- pendragon: reality bug 
- pendragon: black water 
- pendragon: rivers of zadda
- pendragon: quillan games 
- bad romance 
- wicked king 
- language of thorns 
- welcome to sugartown  
- stanton book 3 
- alpha 

10/150 so far is not to shabby ... for now ;) 

- pendragon 8 - 10 
- Harry Potter series (though they're a reread) 
- Midsummer tights dream 
 - taming of the tights 

and whatever else I happen to pick up along the way. 
My crocheting projects have come a long way ; they're so much fun in the winter with keeping me warm. but it's difficult to read and crochet at the same time. 
i really need to find that book holder my brother bought me for christmas. hmm. 

life is pretty fun these days. work is crazy, like always, and this summer may get interesting... but otherwise, i have my routine during the week and i spend my weekends with the manfriend. he's pretty awesome. and he reads so we go book shopping a lot, and then come home and read together. or, i'll read and he'll watch wrestling or play a video game. either way! no complaints. it's nice being happy again with something to look forward to every week. 
plus we go see my nieces/nephew all the time which is fantastic because i really love watching them grow up. as crazy as they are. but they really like him and it's super cute when they cuddle up with him. or when they ask me about him when he's not around. 

looking forward to february ; "reading week" happens at the end of the month and i have a friend coming to visit for a few days. haven't seen him in a few months so i can't wait for all the girl gossip to catch up on together. 

Monday, 7 January 2019

bye bye 2018!

Well, December went by in a whirlwind. 
like this whole year did. 

bookwise it felt slow, but when I looked at the numbers I was petty impressed. 
Life wise it was a bit nutty but what else is new 

Welp. I did not make my goal. Which i knew would happen based on a many factors of this roller coaster of a year. 
Oh well. 
Yes I'm disappointed but hey, it's not the end of the world. 

- the shape of water
- sparrow 
- brooke 
- map of days 
- sex, lies and lingerie 
- stanton book 1/2 
- ripple effect 
- dirty boss 
- pendragon: merchant of death 
- pendragon: lost city of faar
 - lost love 
- finale 
- wires and Nerves: Gone rogue 
- pendragon: the never war 

so 15 for the month is pretty sweet. but! 
only did 178 for the year. 
which is awful for me. 
but amazing overall 
so, be happy, self. 

2019 goals are still up in the air. Number wise I'm thinking only 150 because I want to try and do more crocheting and see if I can sell some stuff - there is so much yarn sitting in bins that I need to get moving on with my WIPs. Plus I want to write more. I'm still annoyed NaNo didn't happen. 

January I'm going to finish up Pendragon (#4-10) and finish up the ADSOM series. A library book or two may come in so those will fill my days. My weekends have become useless since the manfriend and I spend the days together and I dont get much reading done. Which is fine by me. 

December was ... interesting. Work was busy, like it usually is, until christmas and then i was off for 3 weeks. First time being back at work after new years was sooo tiring. 

The holidays themselves were fine. I didn't do much family-ing which i'm happy about, and I spent most of it with the manfriend which also made me happy. now work is back to normal him and i don't see each other much during the weeks so ... yay for quality time. even the dog is liking him and mr granite doesn't like anyone :p 

still trying to figure out my goals for 2019, overall. I wish i knew how to track it all. or was artistic enough to bujo. 

my motivation isn't there right now either which isn't helping, but i'll get there. i always do. 

i just need to write it down; that's the rule with goals, right? until you write it down, it's just a wish. 

counting down the days til it's summer... *shivers* i miss the warm. 

Hope everyone is looking forward to this year. it should be a fun one :) 

- A