Thursday, 1 November 2018

Falling though October

Did this month go super slow for anyone else?
at least, time wise... 

like, it was busy. and it flew by in some senses... but I keep thinking it's November and it's not. and i'm surprised by it when i check the date everyday  (though it's November now so there ya go..) 

Again, this month of library books took over (not that i'm complaining) 

- art of blending in 
- towering sky 
- inkmistress 
- dance of thieves 
- p.s i still love you 
- always and forever, lara jean 
- a darker shade of magic 
- letters to the lost 
- legendary 
- invisible ghosts
- puddin' 
- when my heart joins the thousand
- mad for you in madrid (ARC) 
- Man Candy 

which puts me at 156/200 so not horrible... 
still a long way to go before new years. 

i am loving my library lately 
and it keeps me on track,
 so November plans include: 

- nevernight 
- part of your world 
- the light between worlds 
(obsidio, lost boy, finale, raven king) 
- gathering of shadows 
- conjuring of light 
- tower of dawn 
- lady midnight 

plus whatever else comes in 
(there's about 10 books on hold that i'm waiting on)

who knows if i'll get to them all because I'm also trying to do NaNo but we shall see! 
over achiever much? 
i'm also behind on allllll the reviews. 

Life has been weird lately. Work has been insane, which is good and bad (bad only because i miss having personal time and i'm exhausted) but for the most part I have my routine down. 

personally everything is pretty stable. apartment life is still weird but granite and i are hanging out. my golden retriever has been over quite a bit lately with the ex - as we try and stay friends - so that's been interesting. also started dating again and that's just been ridiculous. friend of mine is also in the middle of a separation, so at least I have someone to talk to who gets it (our ex dudes also have the same name so it makes for some interesting misunderstandings haha) but she's also dating and we're so similar in how we handle it and how we react to the stupidity of men that it's just amazing. 

Trying to do NaNoWriMo this year again. last year I lucked out and work was on strike so i got paid to stay home for 5 weeks and it was lovely and easy to write on my own schedule. this year i don't have that option and it's annoying .. but good for the students I guess.  i was going to work on my captain hook retelling... but I picked up "lost boy" and its like, 94% of the same story .. and I'm not sure if that 6% difference is enough to have me write it. I still want to, but i'm so annoyed with the idea right now that i've dropped it. even put off the book again. ugh. 

so i'm moving on to my assassin book - because I don't know how else to describe it haha. a pinterest prompt gave me an interesting idea and I've decided to run with it. But i was prepping so much on the Hook one... that i'm Pants'ing hardcore on my assassin one and it's stressing me out! which is fine, I'm not too much of a planner .. it's also not completely from scratch as i've written 2 or 3 chapters so i have a general idea where I'm taking it.  

not sure how much writing i'll actually get in. I'm hoping to make it to a write-in in my area too. last year every night we planned something, i had work or a snow storm and the hour drive wasn't worth it. so fingers crossed for this year! not "winning" will anger me so i'm going to end up getting no sleep because I will want to write all night when i get home just to get that 50k *squinty eyes* 

November should be a lot better, overall, as work isn't as busy and my weekends are mostly free right now (unless you count the dating?) but I'm betting it goes by a lot faster than october did. Wish time had a remote, just to slow it down ever so slightly 

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Review: Echoes in the walls

 Echoes in the walls
 House of Secrets - Book 2
 V.C Andrews

Continuing on right from book one, House of Secrets, Fern is left to deal with the consequences of her romance with Ryder and the Revelations that were forced to come out.

Ryder's accident has left him with holes in his memory. He doesn't know who he is, where he is, or who his family is.

Their younger sister, Samantha, is out to get spiteful revenge on both of them and though she has been told to leave Ryder alone, so his memory can come back naturally, she decides to cause trouble and force the issue.

Fern tries to distract herself by going out with her friend Ivy, and ends up dating Dillon. While the romance is fine, Ryder and Fern cannot keep each other out of their thoughts. When Samantha intervenes, forcing Ryder's treatment to backfire, Fern has to come to terms with what she wants from her family and her heart.

Honestly, I didn't hate this story. The epilogue was stupid and rushed (there's a third book, isn't there? why did he force a bunch of plot points into one unnecessary chapter?! and if there isn't a third book coming, then there should be because WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Fern and Ryder need to end up together please. run away together or something but tell your parents to get lost, and have your sister fall down the stairs in true VCA fashion. Thanks.)  but overall, i thought it was alright. Better than most of his books lately, and I like that we actually get back to the VCA roots with the incest and family drama and not just some girl, in a stand alone story, where nothing happens but her thinking to herself for 120 pages if she is old mature to be an adult yet or not. blah blah blah.

Not great, by any means, and I wouldn't mind some of the story from Ryder's POV - though when do we ever get the boy's side of the story - but I think if the writing goes back to this kind of style, maybe this fandom isn't as doomed as we fans have been thinking? Fingers crossed.

3.5 stars.


September went by in a flash

Another crazy month, honestly is there any other kind these days? 

It was mostly just busy with work, but I also got a bit obsessed with the library and I got a bunch of books which distracted me from my tbr 

which is totally fine 
because they were all books I wanted and loved

so, let's get down to business 
(since huns were involved in this month's reads *clicky guns* )

well, what did I actually read? well: 

- unwelcomed child 
- wedding date
- internet famous 
- dazzling heights 
- reflection: a twisted tale 
- words on bathroom walls 
- emergency contact 
- scythe (mostly a reread) 
- starry eyes 
- kiss me if you can 
- thunderhead 
- echoes in the walls 

i also reviewed 3 for summer's eve reads (which were all amazing) 

which means 15 for the months, putting me at 142/200 for the year 
woot woot !  

 I still have a huge pile of library books, plus a few of my own that have been following me around since the summer haha (honestly, i am in panic mode now, stress reading these is getting to me!) 

 - dangerous art of blending in 
- towering sky 
- p.s i still love you 
- legendary 
- a darker shade of magic 
- letters to the lost 
- inkmistress 
- dance of thieves 
(and still..) 
- raven king 
- obsidio 
- lost boy 
- finale  (patch, swoooon) 

plus whatever I end up reviewing for Summer's eve reviews and the few kindle reads I have. 

p.s does anyone know why my kindle buys aren't connecting to my app? its so annoying ! 

i still need about 60 books to get to my year goal so let's hope i rock it this month ;) 

honestly, life is kinda boring. i hate being single... but i don't regret my decision on how i got here either. so what can you do. the apartment is finally feeling like home, which is nice.. and Granite is settling in nicely - he no longer barks at EVERY noise, but he still isn't a fan of the across-the-hall people 

though i'm not either so whatever 

work is ridic busy and i wait for days off like kids wait for their birthday parties. my pjs and i have become best friends on those days. and naps. naps are nice. 

i'm debating on doing NaNoWriMo this year ... work is crazy, and i have no energy these days... I'm not sure I'll get the 50k and not finishing it will annoy me since I'm a perfectionist like that 
so i'm going to see how much time I have to put into preptober and then we'll take it from there. I'm excited for the story I have in mind and I don't want to do a half-ass job on it, y'know? 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Review: The unwelcomed child

 The Unwelcomed Child
 V. C Andrews

One of the more recent stand alone books, The Unwelcomed Child follows Elle Edwards as she describes her life living with her grandparents. The "unwelcomed" part comes from being a product of rape, and her grandparents forced Elle's mother to have the baby anyways (it being against their religion to do anything else with the child).

We follow Elle through a summer of self-leaning, with her grandmother's rigorous chores, strict religious teachings, and seclusion.  Unable to leave the house on her own, as she is home-schooled and does not drive yet, Elle is quite lonely.


Elle ventures out into her backyard and down to the lake one day to draw and she meets her neighbours. A brother and sister, Mason and Claudine, who are visiting their summer house.  When they learn about Elle and her life, they try to show her there is more to the world than the soul-less existence she has been made to believe. Knowing her grandparents would disapprove, she hides her new friends from them, but life decides to call it's own shots.

A decent story line, but could have easily been stretched over a few books. Very heavy with inner dialogue/thoughts (and often the same ones repeated every chapter as Elle questions if she carries the sins of her mother with her) and not a lot of drama - especially when Elle's mother visits, and she finds out about her biological father - after all, what's VC Andrews without parental drama? - but everything was wrapped up in a nice little bow by the end of the book. Slightly disappointing, but not the worst story us fans have read.  I'd probably give it 3 stars, but that's being generous. Maybe 2.5?

Tell me what you thought of it !


Saturday, 1 September 2018

anyone else excited summer is done-zo?

hello, lovelies ! 

what a month. I am so thankful August is over. Peace out, yo. Nothing bad happened, it was just stressful from lack of work and the work I did have .. well, payment got sent to the wrong address so life has been tiiight. Sigh. 

The joys of being self employed, right? 

Gave me lots of time to read, so lets get to it! 

It took a while for me to get a grip on my shelves and what I was going to read this month so a lot of kindle reading happened 

- Deliverer (amazing! 10/10 recommend) 
- Worth Billions
- Hers to take 
- Black 
- Cruz 
- Lost in me 
- Taken 
- Forbidden sister 
- A girl like that (ARC for "We Can(ada) Read 2018") 
- Kincaid 
- Retribution of Mara Dyer 
- Roxy's Story 
- to all the boys I've loved before 
- Hush Hush 
- Cresendo 
- Silence 

which puts me at 127/200 ! whohoo. Slow but steady. I'm pretty sure I'll make my goal since my fall schedule is looking empty ... *tumbleweed flies by* 

 I'm feeling ambitious with this one. I really want to start reading more before bed but lately I've been so tired ... so many doggy walks lately since i can't just toss him out into a backyard to do his thang. which is fine, he's a lot calmer these days haha 

- the colour purple 
- unwanted child 
- lost boy (preptober prep) 
- finale 
- 12 years a slave (which i have started and its so dry! going to be difficult) 
- raven king 
- the wedding date 
- internet famous
- obsidio 
- elanor and park 
- leia 

Plus I have 3 scheduled for Summer's eve reads and whatever catches my interest off my kindle. like always ;) and 2 ARCs from Netgalley to get to. so it should be a good month, but I am hopeful work picks up  

Another crazy month. At least the move is over with ... all settled in nicely. Everything is unpacked that needs to be, and I get a new bed frame next week so the bedroom can be complete (and my back pain can hopefully go away) which should also stop the dog from thinking it's a bed for him - I don't mind cuddling with him, but he sheds so much that I have to change sheets more often and doing laundry in an apartment is annoying :p 

Work has been SO SLOW. and this last week of August I think I did more work than I did the rest of the month combined. So I'm exhausted and stressed out. The doggy got mad at me because I wasn't home much so he went to visit the ex for a few days to have a playdate with the other pups and at least get proper walks/feeding times.  Man, I miss him. The apartment is so lonely now right ...  I get him back on the weekend when things calm down and I cannot wait! 

Other than that, everything else is the same. My life is pretty boring haha I'm excited for Fall because work will pick up and hopefully this humidity goes away (not that i mind the heat, especially in canada because VERY SOON it's going to be all covered in white nonsense that i detest. sigh.) 

October/November means it's NaNo season again! Yay! I'm still working on edits from my WIP from last year (this summer got away from me but I have a writing area set up on my dining room table which is helpful) but I feel a bit stuck with it so changing direction to my Captain Hook retelling is going to be fun. I got asked the other day if I wanted to be a writer ... which I thought was a weird question. I am a writer. Been writing since I was 12. I just don't care about being published. They didn't know how to take that lol 
My mom got us tickets to go see a local production of Peter Pan in Mississauga in October so whoohoo! She knows me so well haha. 

I guess that's it for this month! As always, follow me on twitter and insta to keep up with the puppy and the books @ inafieldofbooks 

A  <3